Mindera Health uses Artificial Intelligence to find matches between myriad biomarkers and treatment selection. The power of Deep Learning and scalable, minimally-invasive RNA collection makes Mindera Health the leader in Dermal Intelligence™.

Expensive psoriasis biologic drugs are prescribed without knowing which patient is right for the therapy. This leads to billions of dollars in wasted spend annually, as well as frustration by hundreds of thousands of patients undergoing failed therapies.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) guidelines state that “there is… an important need to identify biomarkers that can potentially predict the appropriate biologic agent for individual patients.”*

Biomarker identification and patient predictive analysis has been unachievable at mass scale – until now. Mindera Health technology can determine which patients are most suitable for classes of psoriasis biologics, so providers and payers can decide the right therapy at prescription.