Ron Rocca

Mr. Rocca brings over two decades of biotech and diagnostics industry experience, including eleven years of developing and commercializing diagnostic products for autoimmune-related diseases. His prior role was President and CEO of Exagen Inc. (NASDAQ: XGN) which commercialized a suite of testing products enabling healthcare providers to improve care for patients through the differential diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Prior to Exagen, Mr. Rocca served as Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and as General Manager, at Prometheus Laboratories, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical and diagnostic company focused on diseases in gastroenterology and oncology. He helped grow the company’s sales to $200 million-plus annually before playing an instrumental role in the $1.4 billion acquisition by Nestlé Health Science S.A. in 2011. Prior to Prometheus, Mr. Rocca was the General Manager of Alpharma Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company. Earlier in his career, Mr. Rocca served in senior sales and marketing management positions for Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a neuroscience-focused biotechnology company. Mr. Rocca received a B.A. in Marketing and Personnel Management from Towson University.

Tobin Dickerson, PhD

Tobin Dickerson joined MiNDERA from the The Scripps Research Institute where he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Worm Institute for Research and Medicine from 2005-2019. He completed his BS with high honors in Chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1999, and subsequently was awarded his MA in Chemistry in 2000. At that time, he matriculated to TSRI where he completed his PhD in 2004 in Chemical Biology. Toby was promoted to the TSRI faculty in 2005 where he has established a research program aimed at developing disruptive platform technologies for problems of emergent clinical significance. In addition to the MiNDERA technology platform, his laboratory has developed technologies that allow for the prediction of protein evolution, a universal screening system for protein-ligand interactions, and a metabolomics platform for the diagnosis of infectious disease in resource-limited areas.

Toby has >85 publications, and has served as PI of both governmentally and corporately sponsored research from small biotech companies as well as major pharmaceutical firms. His scientific expertise includes diagnostic platform development, small molecule and vaccine discovery, metabolomics, scientific algorithm and software development, phage display, and neglected tropical diseases.