Mindera Health is proud to introduce its Mind.Px™ test.

Mind.Px is a simple test that uses a dermal biomarker patch to help predict a psoriasis patient’s biologic drug class response and support the clinician’s therapy decision. Confidently prescribe the right biologic for your psoriasis patients! You submit the request. We do the rest.

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No More Trial & Error
Confidently Prescribe the Right Biologic Drug Class for Your Psoriasis Patients

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This webpage is for US Healthcare Professionals. If you are not a healthcare provider, please discuss any questions regarding your health with a healthcare provider. 

Mind.Px is appropriate for a patient starting on a TNFα, IL-17, or IL-23 Inhibitor for psoriasis or a patient for whom you are considering changing biologic therapies.

>91% PPV

Painless, minimally invasive test

Patch placed on skin for 5 minutes

Evaluates over 7,000 biomarkers per test sample

Submit the request.
Mindera Health does the rest.


Review the Patient Tear Sheet with your patient, and ask they sign the Consent Form.


Complete the Test Requisition Form (TRF), and submit the Consent Form, TRF and copy of the patient’s insurance card to mind.px@minderahealth.com or via e-fax to the number on the TRF.

That’s it! The report will be available in 14 days.

If you have questions, please contact Mindera Health directly at (858) 225-4178.