THE LOCALIST SD Precision Medicine disrupts the medical world

Mindera Health™ Launches Program with Innovative Pharmacy Benefit Manager to Improve Management of Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis Patients Through Precision Medicine

Mindera Health ™ Announces Commercial Relocation

Mindera Health ™ announces the signing of a commercial agreement with Occum Health for Mind.Px ™

Mindera Inc. Signs Provider Contract with Provider Network Contigo Health ConfigureNet(™)

Mindera Health™ Announces Issuance of Additional International Patent Coverage for Dermal Biomarker Patch Platform

Mindera Health™ Announces Contract With General Services Administration®

Mindera Health™ Signs Contract with Nationwide Provider Network MediNcrease™

Mindera Health™ Announces Change to Executive Leadership Team

Mindera Health™ Announces Coverage with Evidence Project with Highmark, Inc. to Advance Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis Patient Care and Reduce Specialty Drug Spending

Mindera Health™ Appoints Linh H. Le as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Mindera Health™ Closes Upsized $20M Series A-3 Financing

Interim Results of MATCH Study Demonstrate Improved Decision Making and Clinical Outcomes When Using Mind.Px™ to Determine Biologic Drug Class for Psoriasis Patients

Mindera Health™ announces publication of a consensus panel opinion that positive results from the MATCH Study would prove clinical utility for precision medicine test Mind.Px™

Mindera Health™ Launches Pilot with National Health Insurance Company to Improve Management of Moderate-To-Severe Psoriasis Patients Through Precision Medicine

Mindera Health™ Appoints Deborah L. Rice-Johnson to its Board of Directors

Mindera Health™ and WellDyne announce a definitive agreement to improve management of moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients

Mindera Health™ announces publication of positive results from STAMP-1 and STAMP-2 studies

Mindera Health™ announces first patient enrolled in the MATCH Study; a clinical utility evaluation of the impact of Mind.Px™ on response rates of psoriasis patients who are prescribed biologics

Mindera Corporation Shifts Name to Mindera Health to Sharpen Focus on Its Personalized Medicine Platform

Dermatology Industry Veteran Ann Deren-Lewis Joins Mindera as Chief Commercial Officer

Mindera Survey Confirms the Impact of Physician Trial-and-Error Behavior on Psoriasis Biologic Treatment

Mindera ™ announces publication of an economic evaluation of precision medicine testing for the treatment of psoriasis

Mindera Raises Over $12M Series A-2 Financing

Mindera™ Honored as Winner in 2021 MedTech Breakthrough Awards Program, Best New Technology Solution – Dermatology

Mindera wins Prestigious Terra2 Skin Health Innovations Competition at 2021 Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference

Mindera Selected as Finalist in Terra2 Solutions Skin Health Innovation Competition at Winter Clinical Dermatology Conference

Mindera to Present Precision Medicine Test for Psoriasis Biologics at Dermatology Summit 2021

Mindera Announces CLIA Certification Achieved by its Diagnostics Laboratory

Mindera Corporation Announces Appointment of George W. Mahaffey as President and Chief Executive Officer

Mindera Corporation Raises $5.3M Series A to Commercialize Psoriasis Biologic Responsiveness Test