Mindera Health™ announces publication of a consensus panel opinion that positive results from the MATCH Study would prove clinical utility for precision medicine test Mind.Px™

Mind.Px provides clinically actionable information to physicians prior to treatment choice that significantly reduces “trial and error” biologic drug prescribing behavior, leading to improved psoriasis patient outcomes and reductions in wasted spending


SAN DIEGO, CA – July 26, 2022 – Mindera Health announces the publication, in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, of the recommendations from an expert consensus panel that supports adequate demonstration of clinical utility of the flagship Mind.Px precision medicine test if positive results from the MATCH Study are achieved.

Agreed-upon proof of clinical utility in a real-world setting is defined as the concordant use of test results by a physician in patient management decision-making that results in a positive health benefit for the patient. It is often required to eliminate barriers to coverage by payers, with the goal of ultimately improving patient care. This unique panel comprised dermatology key opinion leaders with expertise in psoriasis along with current and former chief medical officers from large payers or health systems. The panel reviewed clinical and economic study designs aimed at delineating net savings and wasted spending.

The MATCH Study is a 16-week randomized clinical utility evaluation of the pre-treatment impact of Mind.Px on biologic drug response rates in patients with psoriasis. The study is currently enrolling and approximately 100 of the targeted 200 patients are currently active. Interim analysis of physician concordance revealed a statistically significant change in physician prescribing behavior when provided Mind.Px test results. Indeed, these results show that physicians are 100% concordant with the results of Mind.Px if formulary restrictions are not taken into account. If physicians are required to comply with formulary restraints, the concordance rate is 93%. In the absence of access to Mind.Px precision medicine data, physicians prescribe biologics that are consistent with the test results 62.9% of the time.1

Specialty drug spending is escalating at exponential rates, and biologics are often identified by payers, employers, and pharmacy benefit managers as being among their top drug expenditures each year.2 Mind.Px addresses this directly with high physician utility (93%+) to optimize formulary performance. Mindera Health is in discussions with a variety of plans.

“We are extremely pleased to see that the expert panel consensus validates our MATCH Study design, accelerating our ability to engage with payers, brokers, and PBMs. By proactively addressing clinical utility, we now can continue very robust conversations with each of these stakeholders on how we can move forward with pilots or coverage decisions,” says George Mahaffey, President and CEO of Mindera Health.

About Mind.Px™

Mind.Px is the flagship test of Mindera Health, designed to prospectively predict a patient’s response to expensive biologic drug classes prior to therapeutic selection and treatment. Using a scalable minimally invasive dermal biomarker patch that captures over 7,000 biomarkers per sample and data analytics, Mind.Px materially improves patient outcomes and significantly reduces healthcare system costs of expensive biologic treatments.

About Mindera Health™

Mindera Health is a private San Diego-area company developing and commercializing next-generation medical technology to enable a new era of skin analytics at the molecular level. Using a proprietary dermal biomarker patch, Next-Generation Sequencing, and machine learning, Mindera Health technology generates clinically validated data to reduce healthcare system costs and improve patient outcomes. Mindera Health is a CLIA- and CAP-certified laboratory and has received ISO 13485:2016 certification. Find out more at www.minderahealth.com.


1 “Trial-and-Error Prescribing Behavior is Modified by a Psoriasis Precision Medicine Tool: Preliminary Findings from the MATCH Study.” SCALE 2022, May 2022, Nashville, TN.
2 “Prevalence and cost of autoimmune specialty drug use by indication in a 4.4 million member commercially insured population continuously enrolled four years, 2012 to 2015.” AMCP 2016, October 2016, National Harbor, MD; “Prevalence and cost of autoimmune specialty drug use by indication in a commercially insured population, January 2019 through June 2020.” AMCP 2021, April 2021, National Virtual Meeting.

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