Mindera Health™ announces publication of positive results from STAMP-1 and STAMP-2 studies

Observational studies leverage machine learning to create Mind.PxTM, a test that prospectively predicts biologic class response for individual psoriasis patients with high Positive Predictive Values (PPV)

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 16, 2021 – Mindera Health™, developers of the ground-breaking Dermal Intelligence™ platform that is the first realization of personalized medicine in psoriasis,  has announced the publication of data and positive results from the observational STAMP-1 and STAMP-2 studies. These studies combined baseline dermal genetic testing using the Mind.Px™ platform to capture and analyze the whole transcriptome combined with proprietary artificial intelligence bioinformatics to develop predictive algorithms.

In 2019, the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation published joint guidelines addressing care for the management and treatment of psoriasis with biologics. Amongst the many recommendations, the guidelines conclude with an important statement: “There is also an important need to identify biomarkers that can potentially predict the appropriate biologic agent for individual patients.”1 The published data and results from the STAMP studies provide this information.

A total of 242 psoriasis patients were enrolled across these two studies, and biologic response predictive classifiers were developed and validated for each of the three biologic drug classes. Positive Predictive Values (PPV) for the classifiers (IL-23i, IL-17i and TNFai) were 93.1 percent, 92.3 percent and 85.7 percent, respectively, and balanced accuracy for all three was 69 percent.

Importantly, over the entire cohort, 99.5 percent of patients were predicted to respond to at least one drug class using a well-adopted clinical measure (PASI 75) at week 12, validating the broad efficacy of biologic drugs in the treatment of psoriasis.

“Applying machine learning to the transcriptomes collected during the STAMP studies has created a powerful predictive  tool that can provide guidance to dermatologists in choosing the right biologic for a psoriasis patient the first time,” said Tobin Dickerson, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Mindera Health. “This study represents a critical milestone in bringing precision medicine to psoriasis patients.”

“The introduction of biologics to the treatment algorithm revolutionized psoriasis treatment, yet developing reliable data and tools for physicians to confidently prescribe the proper biologic therapy for an individual psoriasis patient to increase response rate is a significant unmet medical need,” said George Mahaffey, President and CEO of Mindera Health. “These positive results from the STAMP studies address this need to improve patient outcomes while significantly lowering healthcare system costs by reducing payer wasted spend and increasing net savings.”

About Mind.Px

Mind.Px is the flagship test of Mindera Health. The Mindera Health platform uses a dermal biomarker patch that takes only minutes to extract vast transcriptomic information. Subsequent Next-Generation Sequencing of the extracted RNA allows Mindera Health scientists to take a genetic and transcriptomic snapshot of the skin. This rich patient-specific data set is then analyzed by machine learning algorithms to predict the appropriate biologic drug for an individual patient prior to therapeutic selection and treatment.

The ability to collect patient data at scale results in a powerful platform that unlocks cost savings for healthcare systems, particularly when applied to the prediction of response to hyper-expensive treatments. Biomarkers captured using the Mindera Health platform include DNA, RNA, protein, and small molecules.

About Mindera Health

Mindera Health is a private San Diego-area company developing and commercializing next-generation medical technology to enable a new era of skin analytics at the molecular level.  Using a proprietary dermal biomarker patch, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and machine learning, Mindera Health technology generates clinically validated data to reduce healthcare system costs and improve patient outcomes.  Mindera Health is a CLIA and CAP certified Laboratory and has received ISO 13485:2016 certification.  Find out more at www.minderahealth.com.

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