Mindera Health™ Appoints Deborah L. Rice-Johnson to its Board of Directors

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 1, 2022 – Mindera Health™, developers of the ground-breaking Dermal Intelligence™ platform that is the first realization of personalized medicine in psoriasis,   has appointed Deborah L. Rice-Johnson to its Board of Directors, effective February 28, 2022.  Ms. Rice-Johnson has more than 30 years of experience in the health insurance industry. Her leadership has redefined the payer-provider relationship and yielded unparalleled financial performance, as well as delivered innovative clinical solutions that aim to improve health outcomes.

“Deborah’s experience strengthens our commitment to support improved treatment outcomes for psoriasis patients and reduce healthcare system costs of expensive biologics in the US,” commented George Mahaffey, President and CEO of Mindera Health. “Her  expertise and industry knowledge adds significant capability to our Board of Directors as we bring precision medicine to dermatology.”

Ms. Rice-Johnson currently serves as CEO of Diversified Businesses and Chief Growth Officer for Highmark Inc. She is an innovative health leader, driven by a passion for reinventing health care experiences and pioneering provider relationships designed to keep care close to home and change antiquated reimbursement methods. Through diverse and inventive relationships ranging from joint ventures to equity interest partnerships, she has spearheaded affiliations and clinical alliances with Penn State Health, Geisinger Health System, Lehigh Valley and many regionally-based health care providers.

“I look forward to joining this innovative organization bringing precision medicine to  dermatology and contributing to the team efforts,” stated Ms. Rice-Johnson. “Specialty drug spending for psoriasis is a major concern for payers, and Mind.PxTM is a much needed addition for improved management of this chronic condition.”

Ms. Rice-Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Carlow University. In 2014 she was named a Carlow Laureate, the university’s most prestigious alumni award recognizing those whose work, thought, and action demonstrate the highest standards of professional accomplishment and leadership.

About Mind.Px™

Mind.Px is the flagship test of Mindera Health, designed to prospectively predict a patient’s response to expensive biologic drug classes prior to therapeutic selection and treatment. Using a scalable minimally invasive dermal biomarker patch that captures over 7,000 biomarkers per samples and data analytics, Mind.Px materially improves patient outcomes and significantly reduces healthcare system costs of expensive biologic treatments.

About Mindera Health™

Mindera Health is a private San Diego-area company developing and commercializing next-generation medical technology to enable a new era of skin analytics at the molecular level. Using a proprietary dermal biomarker patch, Next-Generation Sequencing and machine learning, Mindera Health technology generates clinically validated data to reduce healthcare system costs and improve patient outcomes. Mindera Health is a CLIA and CAP certified laboratory and has received ISO 13485:2016 certification. Find out more at www.minderahealth.com.

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